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Make a One-Time or Recurring Donation!

Have you ever felt like you have $18 a month more than you'd like to have?  I can help you with that!

To make a one-time or recurring donation to help us make the Parshah Rabbit hole and other Creative Judaism projects, click the button!

Dedicate an Episode of the Parshah Rabbit Hole!

Rabbit holes don't dig themselves, so let's dig one together in honor of someone you love?  Or you can do a spite dedication, I won't judge you.

Fill out the form below.  When you click submit, you'll be redirected to paypal to make a payment.  Dedications are $180

First, let's start with YOUR contact info so we can get in touch if we have questions:

Now tell us about who you want to honor!

Please tell us the person's name EXACTLY as you would like it to be read/appear in the video (Dovid Ben Rivkah, Dovid T., Davey Boy....)

Now write the full dedication EXACTLY as you would like it to be read/appear in the video.  Make sure to include the occasion for which you are making the dedication.

Now tell us the secular date of the occasion so we can make sure to time things right.

Thank you! When you click "Submit" you will be redirected to PayPal for payment.  If you don't complete the payment, we might try to get in touch with you to sort things out.  Depends how much other stuff we've got going on.

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