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DIY Rabbit Hole (Men)

Learn how to dig your own Rabbit Hole and become an ordained Rabbit!

  • Started May 21
  • 100 US dollars
  • Zoom

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What is this?

It took me 40 years to figure out the style of learning that works best for my weird brain. If you'd like to get there a little quicker, or just add a different way of exploring Torah to your toolbox, this is for you! In this one month course you will learn how to explore and share Torah sources in the style of The Parshah Rabbit Hole - starting with what jumps out at you and winding your way through authentic, Jewish texts to discover fun and exciting ideas in Torah, and to create your own new, fun and exciting ideas in Torah! The course includes four 1hr weekly sessions and one 20min one-on-one meeting with me (Dovid Taub). Learn how to: - Use online tools and physical books to find fun new paths through Torah sources - Collect sources and use them to create a narrative - Deal with dead-ends, red-herrings and other metaphorical two word phrases! - Transcend language barriers - Share and present your Rabbit Hole in your own unique style Each session will focus on the tools needed for each step of the Rabbit Hole process. In between sessions, participants are expected to use those tools to build the next step in their own Rabbit Hole.

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